Please comment below with any issues and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Hello. I was watching Seinfeld and at Season 8 Episode 7, there’s too much text shown, and the play button gets pushed off screen and isn’t selectable. I played that episode by browsing to it in the Files section. I took a photo of the TV to show you the issue but there’s no way to upload something here. Let me know if you need it. Thanks.

  2. Files show up under files, but the "TV & Movies" section is blank. Is there a bug with the app? Is there something I should be doing to help make it work? Let me know. The app looks good and I'd like to get it going.


  3. Hey just a couple suggestions!

    - Showing watch status somewhere would be great! It’s on the official app
    - Casting support would also make this top the official app!

  4. Anything for a Macbook Pro with NO M1 chip ?

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